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COMING ATTRACTIONS: Desperado (1995)

Trailers are the shop windows of movies. They clamour for your attention, teasing you with delights that - probably, hopefully - await you should you step over the threshold. And for most of the time, they have less than two minutes to do it in.

Take DESPERADO. This was writer/director Robert Rodriguez’s first foray in Hollywood, a hybrid remake/sequel to his self-financed EL MARIACHI. The film’s a pretty entertaining blast of Tex-Mex violence, sex, more violence and a cameo appearance from Rodriguez’s BFF, Quentin Tarantino. After seeing the trailer, you know exactly what to expect from the film:

It’s essentially a radically compressed version of the movie with all the talky stuff (and most of the smouldering looks between the leads) taken out. DESPERADO’s trailer gives the viewer a visceral rush that sells the film beautifully.Those rapid cuts timed perfectly to the music. The sheer cojones of packing in all those shots of bullets, bad guys and flying bottles of tequila.

I’ve the DVD of DESPERADO somewhere but to be honest - watching its trailer is a far more exciting proposition, amigo.